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Hiii guys…!!! Well, since this is the first post on my Blog, let me begin with a brief introduction about myself.  I’m Steve .P. Fernandes  from Goa, 20 years old, currently pursuing my final year in Things which I love doing includes reading, swimming, traveling, singing and not to forget, I’m a great fashion addict. I like trying out new things over my skin, irrespective of whether it suits me or not. People’s perception really  doesn’t matter to me nor will stop me from doing something which I want too. I feel that there’s absolutely nothing wrong in saying that and basically that’s the reason I’m here. I feel this is the right platform where “you can be you”. You have the freedom to express what you are, your creativity and showcase yourself in a much better way.




To begin with, my Blog – ‘designyourowncloset’ will be basically about fashion, i.e “Desi + Western” mixure. The outfits which I will be focusing on, will be traditional but with a western twist involved . And that’s what fashion is all about I believe. Like, what Ralph Lauren rightly said “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you”. Fashion is what you decide, the way you want to showcase yourself to the crowd. It’s not like, okay you bought this T-shirt, even I’m gonna purchase a similar one and show off. Nope. Fashion is all about being unique and looking the best from the rest. One shouldn’t make fashion own himself, instead decide what you are and what you want to express from the way you dress.


Okay well, I guess it’s too much describing fashion for now, LOL. So let me move on and speak on my today’s post. Well, being an Indian or to the Indians out there, we all follow various traditions and cultures. Every State has its own dressing style and that’s what make our country look more colorful, beautiful and different from the others. The respective dressing style of each State makes it more unique in it’s own way. Today, what I’m featuring on, is a ‘Patiala Suit’. In simple words it is a Sherwani along with a Patiala at the bottom. Sherwani originated in the 9th century British India as the European style court dress of nobles and royals of the Mughal dynasty. With time, it was gradually adopted by the rest of the Indian royalty andaristocracy, and later by the general population, as a more evolved form of occasional traditional attire. Wearing it, gives me some different kind of ancient feel, like some royal who has his own kingdom. Well ,just an illusion though. But yeah, it really gives that kind of a feeling. I’ve slightly modified this Sherwani  and made it look like more of a simple grayish-white suit which can be worn for any occasion, can be formal occasion like a wedding or even for casual parties and stuff. It does add a cool, bold, decent and intense look to your personality. In addition to it, I’ve also wore a broach which I feel gives it a more royal and exotic look.




Now moving on to the lowers, I preferred wearing a Patiala (pants) instead of a normal formal pant which would have also completed my attire. Patiala (pants) is actually a type of female trouser which has its roots in Patiala City in the Northern region of Punjab State in India. The king of Patiala in earlier times had its Royal dress as Patiala Salwar. The only basic advantage of wearing it is comfort and its durability especially in summers. And the fall of the pleats of Patiala gives altogether a beautiful draping effect. I’ve chosen white colour because white and grey actually gives a decent look altogether as these two colors go best hand in hand. And to complete my attire I preferred wearing simple leather boots rather than formal shoes or any other ethnic footwear usually preferred for Sherwani’s. I just tried experimenting with boots and I feel it looks quite good as far as formal shoes are concerned.




So yes, this is it, I had to say about my first post today. I hope you guys liked it. Please do like and leave your comments and views about it and share it too. I will definitely come up with something  much better soon.

Thanks to “STATUS”, The store where I got my suit ready, excellent in stitching all types of men suits and formals at an affordable and reasonable price with best quality, I would instead suggest you to visit personally and check by yourself [“STATUS”, Near Taligao Market, Taligao-Goa. Num: 9923081031]. And last but not the least, I would like to thank E.N.D PHOTOGRAPHY i.e Eliel D’Souza ( ) for his excellent photography, thank you so much for the level of service you provided on the day. Every single photo was one I was proud of. I’m sure you gonna be a great photographer in years to come. And yes, Deepak Menon, a huge thanks to you too for your patience, suggestion on locations and high degree of tolerance. You were a great help throughout. Thanks to both of you once again.







Thank you guys. You’ll can add me on Facebook: and follow me on Instagram: @the_wanderlust04 to know me more. Have a great day ahead. 🙂

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